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How to create a database of your customers in Excel

The relationship that an entrepreneur has with his client is essential for the business to be successful, such a relationship is achieved by taking advantage of all the client's information. That is why you must create a customer database. fashionglee 

The following article will show the answer to this question, make the most of the information so that your business achieves its intended objectives.

Customer database How to create it?

This corresponds to the grouping of the accumulation of vital information for your company. A good entrepreneur must know the customer's shopping habits and needs. Such information about customers, whether they are prospects or loyalists, you will group them in a database, you will do this in the following way. tophealthfitnesstips

1.-Make a book in Excel

Enter the Excel application and make a workbook , remember to save it as “Excel enabled workbook”. You must first create two sheets, one to put the client's information , his data , full name, age, telephone number, address, email, city, country. All this information must carry a code, to personalize the information.

Put in the columns the data that you will get from the client, remember to leave a row in the middle and to avoid writing data in it you can implement colors. Once this procedure has been achieved, you will have structured the Excel database.  superhealthiness 

2.-Add formulas to the database

On the next sheet, select where the registration code will be , it must be colored. When you see the number "1" select the cell and click on the "cell formats" option. There a window will appear where you must click on the "Number" tab and select the word "Custom".

In that same window in the word "Type" you will write / A / 0000 and finally accept the procedure. Go back to the data and select the "Code" column, this to change the format of each cell.

3.-Add the button to save data

In the files tab, in the "Options" when you click it will show you a menu where you will check: "Customize Ribbon". Then on the word "Developer" click and accept the changes. This is when the word "Developer" will appear on the top tab.

4.-Create a button to save the database

Go to the "Developer" tab and click "Record macro", save it and accept all changes. Go back to the "Data" sheet and select the colored row. Then check the "Insert" option. Several options will appear where you will choose "The same format as below."

After completing the procedure, in the "Code" cell, place the following formula "Ctrl + C" and in the data tab, enter "Ctrl + V, this will be done in the colored cell, where the code word is. You have to repeat the process on the datasheets and save the document.  redditbooks

Finally, in the "Developer" tab, choose "Stop recording" and save the registry and the changes made.

In summary, managing a customer database is the most efficient way to run your business. On the other hand, it will allow you to contact loyal customers or prospects, attracting them with strategies that will favor your sales.

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