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Customer service bots, get to know the most popular ones

The bots customer care are the future to improve relations with companies with their customers; An example is Facebook who uses bots in their Messenger, this was designed as an artificial intelligence that will take care of tasks autonomously.  bolts.answerhop

This software has variants known as chatbots that simulate people's conversations; Today there are many messaging apps that implement this type of service to improve your service.

What are customer service bots and which ones are the most popular?

The bots were invented by Alan Turing, a mathematician who designed what today is responsible for making modern computer equipment and artificial intelligence work. However, applications have had a boom in the use of customer service bots, such as messaging.  tc-bolts.dyifo

In this way, companies, businesses or organizations earn the trust of their customers in a successful way.

Some bots most used to improve customer service are:

      World Health Organization Health Alert

This bot has allowed people to stay informed and healthy despite the pandemic. Use keyword and emoji commands, users can select various topics and learn more.  techqueer


It is a bot developed by Stanford University psychologist Alison Darcy; This people care bot is lively and helps reduce symptoms of depression. This bot actively listens and reacts cheerfully and with funny gifs.

To access woebot you need to download it through the app store or google play.

      OMQ Chatbot

It is a pre-built bot for companies based on artificial intelligence, it was developed in 2019 to help with the workload that customer service agents had in the industry.

This chatbot links to OMQ's central knowledge base and uses its artificial intelligence to learn new requests and interactions with employees and customers.


It is a live chat support service, thanks to its artificial intelligence it can hold conversations and chats in real time with customers. Additionally, it enables live profiles, customer history, and custom bots for automated conversations.  construction-bolts.tockhop


The future in customer service

The bots customer care are redefining the way we interact and relate to users; being a simple, comfortable and profitable way for companies, businesses or organizations to implement safely.

Conventional customer services are giving way to the help of artificial intelligence bots . Chatbots are being an alternative to improve functions and effectively satisfy the needs of consumers.

It may be that in the near future these bots will be the main and fundamental pillar to employ more effective business strategies. Customer service will always be an area that must be handled properly for optimal results.

There are numerous bots and each of them favors a specific area or is better developed to work in the area of customer service.

If you want to implement this technology, we invite you to analyze the requirements of your company, and based on the budget you have for this purpose, you are encouraged to implement this versatile technological tool.  bacobolts.yictic