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5 applications to manage your business easily

There is no doubt that new technologies have renewed our lives. That is why what has been experienced individually has also been noticeable in the business sector. Which is why you can now multitask with the help of applications to manage your business easily from your cell phone.

Applications that are aimed at business allow you to keep a simpler control of your company. You can also coordinate your work teams, follow up on any incident and keep track of expenses. Here we will show you 5 applications so that you can manage your business more easily.

Get to know the applications to manage your business easily

We present you 5 applications that will help you manage your business in a more comfortable way.

I cost

We start with this simple application for your mobile device, it is exclusive for iOS. With it you will be able to categorize your expenses , this will help you to interpret them easily. Likewise, you will make daily, weekly, monthly and annual summaries of your expenses so that you have greater control of your company.

My business

Essentially it is an application to control inventories , where you can add products continuously. The products that you add to the inventory can be identified with a QR code. In addition, you have the option to review those products that are in their minimum quantity and create a personalized catalog to your liking.

Quick Builder Business Plan

If you need an application to organize your business from the beginning , this is perfect for you. It will help you make strategic decisions, you just have to create your financial purpose and with the support of this app you will establish deadlines to fulfill it. Likewise, you will be able to analyze your real profitability, establish your position in the market and plan sales strategies.


It offers you a vision of all the tasks that have been carried out in your company, those that are being done and those that must be carried out. With this application you will create boards for the organization of any project, you will be able to customize the workflow, add a list of pending tasks and then assign them to whom it corresponds. 


We finish our tour with this application, which is very practical to collect all the balances to pay , such as credit cards, bank accounts or invoices. It will send you notifications so that you do not miss any payment date, using categories to classify your expenses that will allow you to have a daily budget for them.

Final thoughts

These applications are very advantageous when you need help with your finances, with your sales, with your clients and with the payment system. In addition to controlling your work teams, improving communication between them, resulting in increased productivity of your company.

We know that managing a business is not an easy task, but if you use one of these applications the work will be more pleasant and comfortable. If you want to see more options just click here , what we recommend is that you choose the one that best meets your needs and this will prevent you from using it inappropriately.

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